'Divisible' is a documentary about the history and ongoing impacts of redlining in the United States.

About Redlining

A Long History Of Racism

Omaha, Nebraska is one of many glaring examples of redlining in the United States.

Redlining was a discriminatory practice that designated specific areas of cities to receive financial support and excluded other areas, targeting them for disinvestment and decline.

These "redlined" neighborhoods were overwhelmingly populated by people of color. The resulting disinvestment exacerbated pre-existing education, health, housing, criminal justice, and other racial-socio-economic disparities. While it was banned in 1968, redlining continues to segregate cities like Omaha, excluding the Black community from opportunities and investment.


About ‘Divisible’

Divisible aims to build awareness of the historical context that precipitated redlining, and the effects that are felt by many to this day.

This film features a collection of interviews with individuals who are redlining experts, either through their profession, their lived experiences, or both.